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a Heritage to be preserved for an ethical future to keep alive the traditions of his territory

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In the LAB

In the LAB

My past

I'm Alfio Bruschi, born in Montegranaro, (the ancient Veregra), is located in the Marche region of central Italy, in a panoramic position from one side the Conero riviera and the Sibillini mountain. In the same year 1975 my father he founded his business, mine is a laboratory that is handed down from father to son. After completing my accounting studies, I have reached dexterity in manual and the experience of artisan excellence 100% made in Italy made in marche . I have worked for big Brands, with them the tendency for the beautiful one is perfected. I looked for contacts with foreign countries and great tailors with which the focus is on the single customer. Collaborations with stylists and designers helped me to refine my research of lines, models and experiment always on the new. I refine my costruction technique by following all the artisan rules of the past.

My past is always with me, my father craftsman by nature loves to work with his hands, his passions are shoes and also working with wood, so all the wooden furniture pieces in my work shop are made by my father Sandro.

A pride for me to surround myself with unique pieces made by my father that live and age in my profession ... this is also a timeless passage.

My present

Now the continuous research ranges in different areas, this is the soul of our professional development that has pushed our work-shop to be itinerant in the world, from Europe to Russia and Asia, in a deep relationship with Japan. So with Silvia we organize Events, we participate in Trunk-shows, we manage appointments with Travel tailoring and we are called to private appointments or with great pleasure we welcome our customers in our work shop. Everything is studied and organized to create a purchase experience.
Silvia, my partner in life, is the perfect half of our workshop. We have combined and merged her professionalism, that she originated from her degree studies in 2000 with a specialization in style, in the artistic city of Urbino. In the same years she began hers professional career following and designing samples of accessories lines, hats in all their declinations and specializing in knitwear. By becoming the head of a style office team in a well-known local company following the fashion collections for different brands and stylists, focusing attention on attention to every detail and in the design of the unique sample piece. Our life together and our common passions, are combined with our professional experiences and feed each other in the common vision of an artisan workshop, focused on single and conscious purchasing, without waste and customizing each project. This is the idea that moves our craft. Our shoes as a harmonious symbol of the colors of our lands for a contemporary elegance. Our ideas are positive and authentic emotions, essential values of timeless / nature / future / without borders.

My passion

In 2021 I was awarded the qualification of Artisan Master of Bespoke Shoes in recognition of my work experience, this for me a start point for my future and continuos improvement. Now my workshop reflects a lifestyle, mine is a passion for a craft that in my case comes from the past and opens up to continuous contamination and evolution. It is I who design the shape of my lasts and draw the lines of the new models directly on them. This allows us to give a characterizing imprint to our product. This is the idea that today moves our passion. I managed with my experience working continuously evolving to achieve a combination with my daily life almost in symbiosis. I try to grow with new experiments to construction techniques and materials than the highest level. And 'so that my client by opening the wooden box of his pair of bespoke shoes, he savors the fragrance and the touch of the materials of a distant reality my workshop. And 'so that two distant worlds meet and begin walk together. This is me a shoemaker

It 'like visiting that distant place and as charming or savor an aged wine, that respect for a culture that once known you can not leave, that opera which once view or listened to not forget. This is my job


An ethical shoe because it respects the work in every phase, A sustainable solidarity purchase is created together with the customer, because nothing is produced that is not required only on order. A product customized in every detail, starting with the materials chosen of the highest quality, up to providing a full Bespoke service. Everything is made with craft workmanship to last over time and not to be replaced, but reused. The environment as an objective to preserve, so colors and treatments change towards an increasingly natural product, built with natural glues and in recycled cardboard boxes. An experience that is followed from start to finish by a constant customer service, even in the care of the shoe during his life. With the customer we look for the solution that satisfies as much as possible the request and needs:

  • Personalization service - the imagination its only limit

  • Bespoke unique experience - this is quintessence of a project

  • One Piece service - is possible go further give life to your idea

  • All services are made by our work shop that travel on the world for appointment, event and trunk show

Customer Service
Workmanship Made
Entirely by Hand
Study project and
Customization model
Trunk Show...Verona, Bruxelles, Moscow, Tokyo...

This is the story of an experience:

Start by talking together about an idea , we make a proposal she chooses a line and a shape is recommended together we combine and match leather, color, effect ... I add something new a covered and shaped heel ..... here she is the idea that became hers shoe. Our customers become integrated parts of our collections. We are born with a men's product, this does not mean that the artisan image remains as it was ancient or static in the past. The evolution of our style in dealing with our customers, we has allowed us to listen to the needs of their ladies. The essence of our workshop is expressed in creating today, an elegant women's product opposite and distant from the male gender developed to the origins. A maximum extension of the handmade technique that is born in our workshop and from my hands, here is that from the Goodyear welted of man, I designed and created the new process “GoodYear Island welted”, to fulfill and give a gentle soul to a woman's shoes. Stop and look at a pair of shoes with different eyes, this is our style. "Never stop, always on the move walking together in our territory and in our mind" Alfio & Silvia